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Look no further. My Fort, My Rules is all your little one needs.

Visit any toy retailer and you will find countless aisles containing thousands of “throw away” toys, many of which require batteries, involve throwing away piles of packaging, and confusing assembly directions. My Fort, My Rules Fort Kits are the complete opposite of this. No directions means no limits to the ways your child can construct his or her perfect fort. Get your kids away from the television this summer and watch their creativity explode through some cleverly crafted sheets and durable components included in each kit. Have the desire for gigantic fort? We’ve got you covered with our expansion packs too.

There’s no wrong way to build your own fort – Inside the living room, outside in the backyard, at the beach, even on a camping trip, use all the tools, or just a few. Let your child’s imagination run wild!

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“Little boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older.” – Peter Pan

Meet the creators

Our goal: Quality fort kits with all the bells and whistles.

IMG_6170  Home_sheet_hookclip

Building a fort out of sheets, couch cushions, and chairs has been something kids have done since, well… forever! We at My Fort, My Rules respect the fact that it’s fun to scrounge up all the bits and pieces it takes to make an epic fort. However, we realized that having quality fort building materials in an easy to carry backpack makes all the difference when it’s time to construct an amazing playtime shelter. Fort kits make an excellent gift for little ones that already have every electronic gadget and gizmo. Get them back to their roots- unscripted, creative, and imaginative playtime.

Read about who we are and how My Fort, My Rules fort kits came to be.

Meet Us
Sheets Draped
Clamps Clamped
Suction Cups Stuck
Yards of Rope Tied

Total Coverage

A huge 90″ x 108″ sheet ensures that your fort covers even the biggest imagination! Need to even more room? Get an expansion pack!

Big Mouth

Our clamps have big 4″ openings so you can clamp your fort onto just about anything you can reach!

Serious Suction

Even the windows can be used in constructing your amazing fort! These 2″ suction cups with metal hooks don’t budge even after hours of play.

No Sissy Twine

Strong, soft cotton rope is sewn into the fort to create versatile loops and ties for easy hanging.



FREE SHIPPING on all Fort Kits until 12/1 Limited Quantity

Customize your Fort Kit with an Expansion Pack, extra flashlights and even a handmade toy camera! Fill it up with unlimited possibilities!

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Great product! The quality of items in the package were so high and my son played for hours using his imagination and asks daily to play with the fort. 🙂
I got my kit today and I’m so happy I could burst! My 9 year old is going to just come undone when he sees it. Thank you for the most lovely attention to detail. It is obvious you take great pride in this product.
“We just got this for kiddos yesterday for Christmas!! Kids are absolutely loving it!! Worth every penny!”
Jenna Hinze
“What a rad idea. I can’t believe everything fits conveniently into a backpack and we can take it everywhere … and we do! I love that I don’t have to dirty my nice sheets now to make forts. Genius!”
“My brother and I use to build forts all the time as kids. I recall one epic fort, where we did the classic, “hold the sheet up with a bookend on our desk” and of course, after all our hard work, the fort comes tumbling down, bookend and all, on my brothers head! The loops and ties, clamps and suction cups are exactly what we needed. So Awesome!”

My Fort, My Rules. Adventures spreading around the world!